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From $200

Our In-Home Oxygen Concentrators supply an unlimited amount of pure oxygen at up to 5 liters per minute and never need to be refilled. In-Home Oxygen Concentrators are ideal for sleeping on oxygen at night and using throughout the day around the house or hotel room. Each In-Home oxygen rental can accommodate two users at once and comes with extension tubing, a splitter and two nasal cannulas.

From $275

Battery-powered Portable Oxygen Concentrators for your on the go oxygen needs. If you need oxygen in the car or outside of the house we’ve got you covered with our Portable Oxygen Rentals. Experience the freedom of portable oxygen and enjoy all that the mountain towns of Colorado have to offer.  Portable Oxygen Rentals include carrying case, extra battery, oxygen tubing, home charger and car charger.

  • Continuous flow pure oxygen up to 5 liters per minute
  • Can accommodate two people at once
  • Never runs out of oxygen
  • Plugs in to wall power outlet, wheels easily between rooms. 
  • Includes 2 nasal cannulas, extension tubing & splitter

For same day oxygen delivery call (970)368-9190


  • Continuous OR pulse flow oxygen up to 2 LPM
  • Runs on battery OR wall power
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Great for on the go use exploring our Colorado locations
  • Includes extra battery, home charger, car charger & oxygen tubing

For same day oxygen delivery call (970)368-9190

a rocky river with trees on the side of a snow covered mountain

Are you visiting Beaver Creek and looking for oxygen rentals?


Peak Oxygen Beaver Creek specializes in oxygen rentals and delivery throughout Eagle County, Colorado. Our in home and portable oxygen concentrators will help you maintain healthy oxygen levels during your trip to high altitude. If you need altitude sickness relief, we provide fast and convenient oxygen delivery in Beaver Creek right to your door. Reserve your Beaver Creek oxygen rental now and make the most of your mountain vacation!

The base elevation of Beaver Creek is 8,100 feet and oxygen levels are 30% less than those at sea level. The lack of oxygen makes it extremely common for visitors to experience altitude sickness symptoms in the first few days of their trip to Beaver Creek. Using supplemental oxygen when you arrive to high altitude is the best way to prevent or reduce altitude sickness. If you are experiencing high altitude symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, headache, nausea, fatigue or difficulty sleeping call us now to schedule your same day oxygen delivery so you can feel better quickly.


Convenient Oxygen Delivery Options

fast oxygen delivery in breckenridge colorado

At Peak Oxygen Beaver Creek we specialize in prompt and reliable oxygen delivery that fits your schedule. Our same day oxygen rentals & delivery in Beaver Creek will help you breathe easy during your stay at high altitude. Whether you’re enjoying the stunning outdoors or need oxygen support at home we’ve got you covered with our in-home and portable oxygen concentrator rentals. We work closely with concierges, front desks and property management companies to ensure your oxygen unit is waiting for you when you arrive.

Relieve Altitude Sickness & Sleep Better

oxygen for high altitude symbol

If you are arriving directly from low elevation to Beaver Creek at 8,100 feet above sea level, you are at elevated risk of developing altitude sickness symptoms. Other than a slow ascent to high altitude, using oxygen therapy during your stay is the best way to prevent altitude sickness from developing. If you do develop altitude sickness symptoms like headache, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and difficulty sleeping, oxygen therapy and adequate hydration is the best method to eliminate symptoms and feel better quickly.



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I brought a group of people to Breckenridge and immediately some of us were affected by the elevation. I called and told them we needed our machine earlier than planned and they sent someone to our villa immediately. The oxygen tank provided by Peak Oxygen was the MVP of the weekend. I highly recommend them.

– Marvin B | Google
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I have rented from Peak on four trips to Breck. They always worked with me to drop and pickup at the hotel. They are very friendly and eager to make sure my experience is positive. Renting their oxygen generators makes staying at the high altitude much easier and allows us to sleep more comfortably.

– Eric S | Google
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My family was in Frisco when my daughter's bipap machine died. We had an oxygen compressor but no plain nasal cannula to use the compressor without her bipap machine. On a snowy saturday, Peak Oxygen brought me a nasal canula to the condo we were staying at after they made a delivery in Keystone. No charge.. I really appreciate the empathy for our unusual situation and service that was above and beyond!! I recommend Peak to anyone who wants some oxygen while they are in Summit County!

– Missy S | Google
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Highly recommend Peak Oxygen! Super convenient, great service! It sure made my moms visit at elevation so much better. Love Peak Oxygen, will use them every time we have guests in town. I recommend oxygen for everyone visiting, better safe than sorry.

– Laureen E | Google
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Kyle helped us with tubing for a personal oxygenator. He returned our call promptly and had what we needed ready for us immediately. Very professional and service oriented. Thank you, Kyle.

– Teri B | Google
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Amazing experience with drop off and pick up! We will never do another ski trip without renting oxygen to recover with at night! Peak is the way to go! Cheaper and more responsive than others I called!

– Louisiana L | Google

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